An interesting deviation of sorts…


I started this blog with the hopes of reaching anyone that feels the way I did/do. I walk an eclectic path. It is lonely. I am comfortable in that lonliness now. I was not, when I started.

Setting up my Ostara altar, and intuition said something is off. First I thought it was the altar itself. Stones, offerings, candles, everything was “right”. I took to the tarot to get an idea of what was going on.


Total surprise. Hubby and I had given up by now. We are blessed with one on this plane, and many angels. After our loss last August, I revisited my spiritual path with a vengeance. I was determined to find peace in what I have.

And I was close. I was content with our family of 3. Started planning our summer full of busy busy busy. Rock concerts, hiking, patio drinking good times.


March 21st was the positive hpt. March 21st was also Ostara. How fitting.

And so there is a slight deviation to the plan. This will still be a path walking spiritual blog.

Because my faith has never been tested quite like it is now. “Trust the journey”. I have hopes. I always do. But this time I will enjoy this pregnancy for however long it lasts. And seek the blessings when the road gets tough.

(And this proves the old adage that “when you stop trying, babies happen.”)

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