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The first harvest. In my area, it is celebrated August 2nd. I am getting excited. I appreciate every turn of the wheel, for what it brings.


The tomatoes are not quite ready yet, but the snap peas and beans are perfect.


Looking forward to pickling the beans. First attempt this year, hoping it turns out!

Some of the peas were overdone, but, provided a great lesson for my little one in the essence of timing with crops. Kids learn much more valuable lessons outdoors and working with the earth, than indoors in a classroom.




The first obvious Loki song I encountered, was ‘Everywhere’ by Bran Van 3000. The lyrics, the happy feeling I get listening to it, I can vividly see Him dancing around in a field playing a woodwind instrument of sorts.

“And everywhere you came and left,
You came in the name of love
And left a wake of happiness and tenderness
And sweet conflict, sweet conflict”

love Sceithailm’s above depiction of Loki.
Sceithailm’s work



Let’s talk a little about discernment.

  1. the ability to judge well

This past week has been an eye opener. It started off by realising I had left an offering of coffee on Loki’s altar for a few days. Then the flood. And other little things falling apart adding to the stress of it all.

A concerned friend commented on all this, suggesting that the flood and what not was as a result from the spoiled coffee left on the altar.

Ummm. NO. Not at all.

Loki wasn’t happy, no deity would be. But, before one assumes ‘this is punishment from Them’…take a good hard look at the circumstances surrounding the bad luck and see if a more plausible answer appears.

I’m going on 6 months pregnant. I chase a 4 year old. I have many health issues that are unmedicated right now, due to being pregnant. Exhausted doesn’t cut it for how I’ve been feeling as of lately. I love cooler weather, the dog days of summer sap my energy. I had a bout of heatstroke, followed by days of not sleeping with sciatic pain, back pain, and restless leg syndrome. I have no help during the day. Annnd I’m still coping with the death of my mother.

So. All these things and more combined…it is NO wonder I left the tap on slightly and flooded our basement. If my arthritis hadn’t flared up when it did, I would have discovered the flood sooner. But, had to wait 2 days until it was safe to walk down the stairs to the basement, and that is how I discovered the flood.

The Gods and Goddesses are very much a part of our lives. Sometimes They have a direct hand in matters, but a lot of the time it really is just circumstance. More people can benefit from taking a look at all the signs they see, with a more discerning eye. I’m not discrediting anyone. What I AM doing, is putting a stop to potential fear mongering (because if you’re an anxious person, and you get an idea you’ve insulted the gods in a way, you WILL create a situation that was never there before). Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. They make or break our reality.

I apologised to Him and set things right in that regard. And knowing just how tired I am, I’m going to slow down with my projects, and double check the things that I do. To prevent future mishaps and embarrassments.

all the Loki feels


Every day I sit and go through the many Lokean and Loki-friendly blogs while I eat my breakfast. Reading the blogroll through ‘July for Loki’ is a real treat. I feel a strong sense of community. Some of the writing this morning brought me to tears. Loki is so much more than just funny quirks, sarcasm and sex. I’m not the most adept with words…

Loki is a Reality Check. Before He came into my life, I was stuck living in the past. Two-faced, keeping people around I didn’t want in my life but too chicken shit to let them go. Suddenly, within a week I managed to “accidentally” send damaging conversations to the wrong friends, “accidentally” befriend an ex, accidentally do a lot of things. The massive shit upheaval that occured is what caused me to finally, actually look at myself in the mirror. I was raging at my stupidity, raging at everyone, ready to throw in the towel and become a hermit. After the storm calmed, and I did a lot of thinking, I realised the only person at fault was myself.

Loki is Patient. No really, He is. He picks when to be patient, He knows. He knows all too well what upheavals, family problems, mental health issues, deaths of loved ones, so on and so forth, can do to you. If He knows you are honestly trying, (and He knows, don’t try to ever fool Him) you will see the patient side of Him.

Loki is Loyal. Another blog writer wrote quite an eloquent peice on His loyalty. In summary, for all the shit He’s been through and dealt with, put up with, He never sees someone as ‘too far gone’. He will intervene a million times, throw every derailment He can. But if you continue down that path He’s trying to help you not go, He’ll stay with you still. He knows we need to learn shit the hard way. He’ll help if He can. And wait for your inevitable return.

That’s all for now. It’s hard to write, but harder to stay silent. This is a lesson for me. I used to prefer only showing my best face, best art, best everything. If something ‘imperfect’ surfaced, I would make endless excuses and feel shame. None of these blog posts would have seen light. Embrace the journey. Take pride in your work, no matter how amateur it may seem. The smallest step forward, is still further than where you are right now.

Hail Loki. I trust You.

Sacred Space: the garden


Some photos of my favorite place, my garden.


Long before Paganism called to me, Buddhism and Guanyin came first. I did not study long, but I admire it. Always will. I’ve held a long time fascination with East Asian culture. When I was seeking a Goddess statue for my outdoor work, this geisha-like one felt right.

This years garden features different types of Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Snap Peas and Heirloom Beans. First year I have not grown any herbs. (Slight lie, I still have my Lemon Balm, but none others T_T). In gardening, I’m forced to face my fears of stinging insects, as they are much needed for pollination. I get to commune with my favorites, the spiders. They seem to know it’s safe to build their webs around my home, for there are many. It’s fascinating to watch nature at work. My plants all came from seeds. My son learns valuable lessons that have been passed down, over the care and love for these plants.




Loki’s altar


This is more or less the current phase of His altar. I am doing more work outside that I dedicate to Him, so I felt less is needed indoors. For now…


Loki and fox imagery resonate heavily with my UPG. Artwork by the amazing Hellanim. View more on Deviantart.

I’m a fairly crafty individual. I made this fox clay thingy (Thingys for when I don’t know how else to describe it) as a representation of Loki and I. More about my version of Loki in another post. But basically He is a form of strength and foundation for me. UPG wise I associate Kenaz with Loki. And I’ve been told Thurisaz is more or less my personal rune. (Algiz when not Thurisaz).


kitchen witch


Project in the works. I have many. But am feeling a strong need to pull my family together. Might be influenced by early nesting habits. But I know I need this hex sign above my stove. And so…

Early early stages. Will show progress as I move along. Will be a P.A Dutch style sign, out of felt. A mix of Irish and German. Still debating one or two distelfinks. We shall see…


Sacred space


Throughout my home, I have many sacred spaces. My garden is the largest of these spaces. Others, are smaller shrines to ancestors, or to the Gods. Recently, I felt called to make one for myself, to keep in my bedroom.


Very basic, and I’m proud of it. I painted the image of Gaia, based off a sculpture I hope to own one day. (find it here: Mother Gaia.) I connect to Gaia/Jord, it felt perfect to paint. Everything else is bits and peices of things that were on Other altars, that I switch out here and there.
I feel at peace when I say my prayers in front of this space.

daily devotional


Something I have always done is journal. I mean it, from age 12 with a diary and a key, to the age 35 with a scrapbook and pen…I write.

There has been points where I stopped writing, and usually those periods meant I was too busy pretending to be someone else.

The real me throws everything down on paper. By nature I’m an archivist. But old school, I much prefer pen to paper, than trusting that we’ll have working computers during catastrophic times. All those doomsday people pinning survival tactics to their pin boards…when the power is out then what? Exactly.

When Loki came into my life, was during the longest period of not writing I’ve ever had. And it was the first thing He suggested I start.


my devotional journals.

As the journaling went along, I found I was sketching, adding bits of nature to the books. Regular notepad books did’nt work anymore. So I found an old sketchbook, and did the Snaptun Stone image in glue, and poured cinnamon over it. Very fitting and He was pleased. Eventually that journal filled up, and I needed to start a new one. The current one I use is felt covered. Hand stitching puts me into a trance. I have much to learn still, but I’m proud of my first attempt, and He is too.

It’s a lesson in itself, rereading what was writ. Remembering past mistakes, seeing what worked, what went elsewhere. Tears have spilled on these pages. Tears have smeared the ink. Powerful reminders, and harsh, but loving lessons.