still going…


It’s been awhile since I last blogged.

Things have been interesting.

Pregnancy both increases my psychic sensitivity, and decreases my ability to read for myself. I sought help from an outside source. I needed to know who, if any, Gods or Goddesses, might be willing to listen to me now. I have always had problems connecting to Goddesses. (I have deep rooted identity issues, but that’s another blog down the road). Since losing my mother 2 years ago to cancer, I crave older female wisdom/conversation. I was hoping the oracle might name a Goddess from any pantheon…

I was rather shocked at Who spoke up.

Firstly, Lady Freyja came through. Then Sly Fox Loki.

I follow the Norse pantheon primarily. The person who performed the service did not know this. So to have Freyja and Loki come through….words fail the emotions I felt.

Lady Freyja reminded me that I am good enough, and I need to relax a little. And love a whole lot more. Loki, reminded me that He has always been here, and was a mother too. I can call on Him for guidance and reassurance.

And so, I’ve been honoring Loki in His mothering aspect. I’m working on a birth altar, and brainstorming ideas for connection and focus on Loki for when it’s time to deliver ‘R’.

For Freyja, I’m mindful to love more. Hug more, offer affection when it’s the last thing I feel like doing. Because the amazing part is, hugs and cuddles really do cheer me up. I have a lot of childhood issues regarding almost everything, affection being a major issue. It’s a work in progress, but I’m seeing the benefits already.

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