daily devotional


Something I have always done is journal. I mean it, from age 12 with a diary and a key, to the age 35 with a scrapbook and pen…I write.

There has been points where I stopped writing, and usually those periods meant I was too busy pretending to be someone else.

The real me throws everything down on paper. By nature I’m an archivist. But old school, I much prefer pen to paper, than trusting that we’ll have working computers during catastrophic times. All those doomsday people pinning survival tactics to their pin boards…when the power is out then what? Exactly.

When Loki came into my life, was during the longest period of not writing I’ve ever had. And it was the first thing He suggested I start.


my devotional journals.

As the journaling went along, I found I was sketching, adding bits of nature to the books. Regular notepad books did’nt work anymore. So I found an old sketchbook, and did the Snaptun Stone image in glue, and poured cinnamon over it. Very fitting and He was pleased. Eventually that journal filled up, and I needed to start a new one. The current one I use is felt covered. Hand stitching puts me into a trance. I have much to learn still, but I’m proud of my first attempt, and He is too.

It’s a lesson in itself, rereading what was writ. Remembering past mistakes, seeing what worked, what went elsewhere. Tears have spilled on these pages. Tears have smeared the ink. Powerful reminders, and harsh, but loving lessons.

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