Sacred Space: the garden


Some photos of my favorite place, my garden.


Long before Paganism called to me, Buddhism and Guanyin came first. I did not study long, but I admire it. Always will. I’ve held a long time fascination with East Asian culture. When I was seeking a Goddess statue for my outdoor work, this geisha-like one felt right.

This years garden features different types of Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Snap Peas and Heirloom Beans. First year I have not grown any herbs. (Slight lie, I still have my Lemon Balm, but none others T_T). In gardening, I’m forced to face my fears of stinging insects, as they are much needed for pollination. I get to commune with my favorites, the spiders. They seem to know it’s safe to build their webs around my home, for there are many. It’s fascinating to watch nature at work. My plants all came from seeds. My son learns valuable lessons that have been passed down, over the care and love for these plants.




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