Sleipnir necklace!!!


For the upcoming birth of ‘R’, I have been seeking out items to keep in my crane bag. I had been stumped for what I could use to represent Loki in His mothering aspect…until I saw Beth Wodandis Designs ‘Sleipnir necklace’.

I HAD TO HAVE IT. I really lucked out. Most of the time when I see something Beth has made, it’s sold by then. Maybe it was a nudge from Loki, something made me check out her etsy page randomly that day, to see the necklace added to her works, AND it was still avaliable!. I contacted her immediately and am now the proud owner of this gorgeous peice of art.


My cell phone camera does NOT do this justice at all. The copper, the beads, the beautiful weight of it. And powerful too. And calming. I want to wear it all the time, but, I have to restrain myself. It has a specific purpose right now, so I will hold off until baby ‘R’ is here.

Maybe I should go get another necklace from Beth to wear every day…

Go check out her shop , she is wonderful to work with. I’ve sought out her seidhr practise for clarity, her woodwick candles are a ‘must’ for my Loki altars.

She also runs an informative blog, with updates on her creations, and life with Odin. Wytch of the North

Thank you Beth for all that you do!

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