Loki & Sleipnir Pagan Rosary Necklace

Loki & Sleipnir Pagan Rosary Necklace

Stunning. Lovely work!

Beth Wodandis Designs


Just listed this afternoon! This rosary-style prayer bead necklace was designed in honor of Loki and Sleipnir, His/Her horse-child. It features an adorable little Mykonos copper pendant (with blue-green patina) depicting a mother horse with her foal standing beneath her. This would make a wonderful gift for the female Loki, to place on Her shrine, or for a special Heathen mother in your life.

The pendant adorns a hand-worked rosary chain of nineteen 6 mm faceted grade AA labradorite rounds (with incredible blue-grey fire) alternating with 6 mm opal aura quartz rounds (both stones are grade A). The chain feeds into a Mykonos rosary connector (with patina matching the pendant), from which an additional short chain, consisting of one obsidian round and one aventurine round, ends in the pendant. The hand crafted chain is made from pure copper wire; it may tarnish with wear, but this will only add to its…

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