UPG alert.

Have always associated spiders with Loki. But, after tonight’s visitor, this is narrowed down to one type of spider for me.

When He wants my attention, I get the yellow sack spider. It’s a bright white almost color, I see them so rarely that it is logged in my memory when I do see one.

Yellow sac spider
google images

Spiders rarely phase me. I may catch my breath, but I go forth without issue. Bright colors attract my attention, and seeing this dude above was crawling across the black table..ok I get it. I caught him with my hands, he was content to just sit in my palm, and set him free outside. (Yellow Sac Spiders are venomous, notoriously aggressive biters, and deliver a bite like a wasp apparently. This I learned via google, AFTER setting it free. I was lucky).

And thinking back on the other times a white spider visited me; in my car, on my seat, before a concert I had invited Him to check out if He felt like it…another time was after an operation. Another time was after a soul crushing argument with a loved one. I was crying in the bathroom and noticed my visitor crawling from a vent towards me….

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