feeling helpless, rant warning.


It hurts to be in tune with nature. Hurts to have the majority of people not care. The animals worldwide going extinct, the endless slaughter in the news. It’s visibly in my face every time I step outside for a walk.

One of the trails I walk along used to be lined with milkweed. It was along this trail last year I saw monarch caterpillars for the first time in my life. This year I was hopeful to witness the same miracle.

facebook-20150910-092949 taken by yours truely

Silly me.

For some stupid reason, the city’s park cleanup crew decided to mow down the field of milkweed considerably. They did it to ‘make room for more walkers, and dog friendly spaces’.

This put me over my ability to cope. Encouraging more lazy people to leave their dog crap everywhere.(OR better yet, they can pick up their dog crap, tie it up in an obnoxious bright doggy bag, and leave the PLASTIC bag right there on the ground. At least leaving dog shit as is allows flies and nature to deal with it accordingly. Adding a plastic bag to the mix just NOOO). To allow their kids to rip out plants, squash insects, trample through the remaining fields, destroying what was once peaceful and harmonious.

Nevermind that Monarchs are endangered enough already. And any milkweed is crucial. So a field of it gone, during their breeding season, is devastating.

I injured my knee, stumbling in disbelief when I discovered this shit yesterday. I cried. I’m avoiding my walk today. I’m too sensitive and heartbroken. And should nurse the knee as well I guess. *grumbles*

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