The veil is thinning


The last few days and nights have been interesting. Influx of shadow visitors, odd whispers. The quickest apparition of an old man with a beard and cloak, I remember thinking ‘was that Odin?’ and a random howl in the night at 3am. The ghost of a little boy skirting past me and running down the stairs…

Heightened activity for the partial eclipse the other night? Or from all the crazy celestial fuckery going on this fine September?

I’m in no place to do divination on myself. So I sit and wait, till the answer(s) becomes obvious…

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  1. Been feeling it as well here! Love this time of year…suddenly I can communicate a whole lot better with various spirits. Mercury retro affects my mundane world but it doesn’t typically have a huge impact on astral communications, at least not typically for me.


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