Untitled blog post. Because my brain cannot brain. Son brought home a nasty cold, and it’s turned into a head cold for yours truely.

I cannot use cold meds due to the pregnancy. I’m left with water, honey and garlic and rest. Sleep does not come easy these days, and I’m up constantly in the night.

A hidden benefit to the constant waking, is remembering fragments of the dreams. The dreams haven’t made much sense. But it’s been interesting. One fragment was going into a quick-e-mart, and picking out a chocolate bar named Loki. Another was a chat with my aunt, and she had the Snaptun Stone in her attic. I asked if I could have it, and that was the end of that dream.

Last night’s dream fragment, I was in a metal works basement. Lots of rusty things, broken metal peices. I saw a sheet of brownish red metal, with a squirrel shape cut out of it. I said out loud ‘Ratatoskr, goodness it looks like Him’ and I woke up.

………..I’ve never seen, associated, or acknolwedged anything in Ratatoskr’s regard beyond reading lore, and the occaisional image of Yggdrasil with Him running along it.

It makes sense to dream of Loki, He’s constantly on my mind. Ratatoskr is random. Random as random can be.


Side note, my c-section has been scheduled for Nov 11. (This is not open for discussion on birth methods etc. It is medically my only option. The end). November 11th is the date my paternal grandmother passed on, in 2008. I’ve had many dreams of her over the last months. I think there is a reason for her visits, and a reason baby girl will come that day. (If she does not show up sooner, I firmly believe babies choose to be born on specific dates for whatever their life’s work is meant to unfold.)

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  1. Ratatosk is making rounds! I’ve seen a squirrel in one of my dreams and instantly thought it was

    You will be OK, scheduled C-section is much better than the one which just happens. It was my case. When I was pregnant I somehow I knew all time where I was heading, and my doctor didn’t see it so, until it happened.
    I believe too, we are born on days for a reason, or with a meaning. I was born on same day like my paternal aunt, same day precisely 50 years later. I always felt close to her.

    Good luck, wishing the best and smooth going! 🙂

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    • Good to know He’s making rounds! Thank you for sharing that!

      And thank you for the kind words about the upcoming c-section. I appreciate that more than you know. <3. My first ended up in an emergency section. I know people mean well but when they tell me I'm not exhausting all my options/have I not tried this or that to 'avoid unneccessary surgery' my shit gets tangled up in a knot.

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