Belly Blessing


Belly Blessing (photo of the henna design I did on my stomach, part of a sacred pregnancy journal prompt. I realise not many would want to see a belly on their blog roll, so you get the option to Click to see/read)

With my first, I had a belly blessing done because I thought it looked cool. With this pregnancy, being aware of the reasoning behind blessingways/belly blessing, I wanted to do my own design, with meaning and intent.

Painted a tree of life, with the Berkana rune. And Loki and Freyja’s names in runes. They’ve both been such a tremendous help during this time.  I hope I’ve done Them proud. (Applying henna on your own stomach with use of a mirror is a lot more complicated than I originally thought it would be.)

It’s not perfect, but it’s perfect for me.


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