which pill do you take?


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The blue pill is looking mighty fine lately.

My country is in the midst of election woes. The dictator in charge right now has a good chance of staying in power. And he’s slowly giving away every last natural resource we have. Whether he gives it away or destroys it, it’s the same thing. I feel the stress when I go outside. I look at my favorite places and it’s almost disassociative now. Like I’m preparing for their termination. No point in fighting it.

No point in fighting anything. The news lately has been horrific. Never has it been so painfully obvious that society is fucked. Yet the majority of people sleep, still.

Maybe I’m just hormonal and tired. My moods have changed considerably. I’m taking an fb break for a day or so. Maybe longer. I need to recharge. I usually take much better care of myself. I’ve let my empathic self get overwhelmed with the bad. Time to breathe again, before I take that blue pill.

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