The Morrigan


…I sought divination in regards to some family issues going on.

Was not prepared for what came.

For many moons I’ve been reading Celtic based fiction. Every book ended up featuring an aspect of the triple Goddess, The Morrigan. Then I started reading random fiction, where the cover of the book appealed to me. There was always a character with a name like Morgan, Morgana, Morgaine. Or Macha, the red mane.

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Then came the dreams, the unexplained visitors. The things I was randomly thinking about, endlessly. Then comments from strangers. So on and so forth. I paid nothing any mind, other than coincedental.

The reading came, and it basically said ‘You will know peace once you let the Morrigan into your life.’

Suddenly allllllll the signs and thoughts and memories and everything flooded in at once and I felt bad. She understands I’ve been preoccupied and focusing on the wrong things. I will work with Her once the baby is here, and things have settled some. She’s asked that I’m of clear mind to let Her in.


She’s asking me to transform. To finish what started a few years ago, as I’ve been in this caterpillar/cocoon stage since. I am excited, and scared. But I feel safe. My mind is quiet somewhat now. I see where my path is heading next. Life is quite the journey, indeed.

Loki is helping me accept my ‘scapegoat’ role I am playing. Yesterday was a day of ugly truths, harsh reality, and the realization that while I play the scapegoat, my father and my sisters are able to function together as a family for the first time in 3 years. It hurts, and I’m creating boundaries to keep myself ok. But I’m also seeing why I have to accept this role. And with The Morrigan and Loki’s help, I don’t feel the victim. I see it for what it is, and I’m stronger for it.

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  1. Good things.
    I’m happy for you.
    Whenever Loki and The Morrigan have worked together in my life, powerful things have occurred rather quickly. Good news is that those same things stabilized rather quickly as well. For me, They have been a sturdy pair capable of smooth, powerful transitions.
    And I love Them both so very much for that.

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