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One of the most exciting feelings I can get, IS THE NEED TO MAKE THE THINGS. RIGHT NOW.

I’m a natural procrastinator. Especially with art. It can be months, or a year, before an idea comes to fruition.

Unless the Unseen are involved. I have experienced Loki when He has decided I must do the things, and Now. I can shrug off the push for a few days. I can tell myself lies. But soon enough, there is nothing else but to do it, and Now.

I was on the recieving end of such a ‘push’ today, by The Morrigan. All at once this flurry of ideas came flying through. Do this. Not that. Cleanse the things before the work! MAKE.

And into a trance I went.

And when I ‘woke’ up two hours later…I had crafted a crow skull out of clay, and fixed the remaining crow feathers I had left, to it’s skull. And my house smells of sage, and I now have a bounty of black salt for next week.


Exhausted doesn’t explain how I feel. Elated though, as it’s the first thing I’ve made for Her, and is fitting. When the clay dries, I will paint it.

But for now, I need a nap.

Altar evolution


While searching for a different photo, for a different post…I came across a bunch of photos of Loki’s altar changes over the seasons. Other post will wait, instead, here is some photo spam.

(focal art peice by Hellanim, work found here…Hellanim’s Deviantart)

Summer version

An offering set on fire, either scotch or fireball.

Samhain version, with a shrine to Hela above.

…an idea for those mini crystal skull vodka bottles. Fill with oil, add a wick, and light for a cheap, frugal and funky candle for Himself.

Sacred Space: the garden


Some photos of my favorite place, my garden.


Long before Paganism called to me, Buddhism and Guanyin came first. I did not study long, but I admire it. Always will. I’ve held a long time fascination with East Asian culture. When I was seeking a Goddess statue for my outdoor work, this geisha-like one felt right.

This years garden features different types of Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Snap Peas and Heirloom Beans. First year I have not grown any herbs. (Slight lie, I still have my Lemon Balm, but none others T_T). In gardening, I’m forced to face my fears of stinging insects, as they are much needed for pollination. I get to commune with my favorites, the spiders. They seem to know it’s safe to build their webs around my home, for there are many. It’s fascinating to watch nature at work. My plants all came from seeds. My son learns valuable lessons that have been passed down, over the care and love for these plants.




Loki’s altar


This is more or less the current phase of His altar. I am doing more work outside that I dedicate to Him, so I felt less is needed indoors. For now…


Loki and fox imagery resonate heavily with my UPG. Artwork by the amazing Hellanim. View more on Deviantart.

I’m a fairly crafty individual. I made this fox clay thingy (Thingys for when I don’t know how else to describe it) as a representation of Loki and I. More about my version of Loki in another post. But basically He is a form of strength and foundation for me. UPG wise I associate Kenaz with Loki. And I’ve been told Thurisaz is more or less my personal rune. (Algiz when not Thurisaz).


Sacred space


Throughout my home, I have many sacred spaces. My garden is the largest of these spaces. Others, are smaller shrines to ancestors, or to the Gods. Recently, I felt called to make one for myself, to keep in my bedroom.


Very basic, and I’m proud of it. I painted the image of Gaia, based off a sculpture I hope to own one day. (find it here: Mother Gaia.) I connect to Gaia/Jord, it felt perfect to paint. Everything else is bits and peices of things that were on Other altars, that I switch out here and there.
I feel at peace when I say my prayers in front of this space.