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One of the most exciting feelings I can get, IS THE NEED TO MAKE THE THINGS. RIGHT NOW.

I’m a natural procrastinator. Especially with art. It can be months, or a year, before an idea comes to fruition.

Unless the Unseen are involved. I have experienced Loki when He has decided I must do the things, and Now. I can shrug off the push for a few days. I can tell myself lies. But soon enough, there is nothing else but to do it, and Now.

I was on the recieving end of such a ‘push’ today, by The Morrigan. All at once this flurry of ideas came flying through. Do this. Not that. Cleanse the things before the work! MAKE.

And into a trance I went.

And when I ‘woke’ up two hours later…I had crafted a crow skull out of clay, and fixed the remaining crow feathers I had left, to it’s skull. And my house smells of sage, and I now have a bounty of black salt for next week.


Exhausted doesn’t explain how I feel. Elated though, as it’s the first thing I’ve made for Her, and is fitting. When the clay dries, I will paint it.

But for now, I need a nap.

gifts and the crow tree.


** I’m creating my path. I borrow from other paths if I find it sits right with my intuition. Aware that totems and spirit messenger animals are not a Norse thing, but, it works with incredible accuracy for me. Also, am allowed to keep crow feathers, no laws broken **

After connecting with Odin last year,and remembering the ravens and crows who would visit me as a child…I was very, very obsessed with obtaining corvid feathers. I wanted to acquire them naturally. And I looked. Hard. For many many months. I’d occaisionally find one, but it would be in such bad shape I’d pass on it. I would follow the local murder, knew the forest they preferred. We got onto some sort of friendly basis, I started cawing to them like I did as a child. Till they started engaging me back. I can only imagine how it looked to outsiders, but once I knew this relationship was there, it brought a level of deep rooted happiness I hadn’t known in a long while.

I was getting ready to order some crow feathers off of Etsy, I just was not finding them anywhere. But, mundane life kept interupting. No feathers bought.

Dec 25th, 2014 was spiritual life changing for me. I went about the morning in confusion, how to honor my pagan roots without the Christian influence. We were all gathering at my sister’s house that afternoon for the Christmas meal. Exiting my house, two crows came flying straight for me, almost like they were going to crash into the wall. At the last moment they flew upwards and gone. That woke me out of my funk.

At the dinner, overhearing some casual conversation between family members, and my brother in law mentions a crow wing. Again I wake up, and jump into the conversation. This very morning, bro discovered a freshly cut off crow wing, at the foot of his garden shed. I asked what he did with it, he had kicked it under the bush. I grabbed a bag and some gloves and ran out, hoping like hel the wing was still there.

And it was. Perfectly frozen in the snow. Complete wing, up to the shoulder. I collected it. I knew. Just knew it was meant for me. Thanked the Gods for this amazing gift.


I cannot find the photo I took of the wing. But instead, here’s a photo of my bounty of feathers left over, from all the crafts I’ve already done with them. The very best ones adorn the altars. They have a gorgeous blue tinge to the black.

Cleaning the wing and plucking the feathers was an experience in itself. I lit incense and made it something of a ritual. I thanked the crow for the wing and the opportunity. I cried and cried. The feelings. No words. In a series of dreams and divination, I learned what I was to do with the wing bone. I was to keep it frozen til the ground thawed. And bury it. But I was to bury it and plant an oak seedling over it. The seedling would recieve nutrients from the wing. It would be known as the crow tree. And to do this in the forest my murder prefers.

Photos of the remaining bounty of feathers, and the Crow Tree, planted.


Altar evolution


While searching for a different photo, for a different post…I came across a bunch of photos of Loki’s altar changes over the seasons. Other post will wait, instead, here is some photo spam.

(focal art peice by Hellanim, work found here…Hellanim’s Deviantart)

Summer version

An offering set on fire, either scotch or fireball.

Samhain version, with a shrine to Hela above.

…an idea for those mini crystal skull vodka bottles. Fill with oil, add a wick, and light for a cheap, frugal and funky candle for Himself.

corn dolly and thistledown


For my small Lammas altar, I made a small corn dolly. I remember making these as a child. Next year I’ll start showing the littles on how to make them.


Not much progress on the hex sign yet, but it’s in the plans! And more photo spam of the finished corn dolly. I like simplicity. I admire the fancier corn dollies with the hair and paint, plain is best for me.


Crafting aside…

…I don’t know why the fae scare me or cause me to bring my guard up. I’ve never been one to be enchanted by the idea of faeries. Maybe it’s a past life issue. I get weary when I read or hear about them, run fast from folklore spots like Fae circles and toadstools…

But yesterday, I was gazing over towards the edge of the forest. No real train of thought, just enjoying the sunshine and nature’s beauty. Admiring a thistlebush, it’s bright purple and green hues. Suddenly, one of the thistle seed pods burst. It was honestly breathtaking to see. Hundreds of tiny thistledown seeds flew out and caught the breeze, and floated off in their merry way. And I thought to myself ‘if I ever needed a visual to what I would think faeries would be like in nature, the thistledown is it’. The careless way the white fluff dances off in the wind, sometimes 2 or 3 bunch together, others flying lower and catching in the grass…


Quite an odd thought for someone who is weary of them. I was not weary in that moment. I was in awe. Still am. Magick is everywhere in nature. If you sit still for awhile and just observe…you will be amazed.

Loki’s altar


This is more or less the current phase of His altar. I am doing more work outside that I dedicate to Him, so I felt less is needed indoors. For now…


Loki and fox imagery resonate heavily with my UPG. Artwork by the amazing Hellanim. View more on Deviantart.

I’m a fairly crafty individual. I made this fox clay thingy (Thingys for when I don’t know how else to describe it) as a representation of Loki and I. More about my version of Loki in another post. But basically He is a form of strength and foundation for me. UPG wise I associate Kenaz with Loki. And I’ve been told Thurisaz is more or less my personal rune. (Algiz when not Thurisaz).


kitchen witch


Project in the works. I have many. But am feeling a strong need to pull my family together. Might be influenced by early nesting habits. But I know I need this hex sign above my stove. And so…

Early early stages. Will show progress as I move along. Will be a P.A Dutch style sign, out of felt. A mix of Irish and German. Still debating one or two distelfinks. We shall see…