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personal birch set of runes


These have been years in the making. At the initial undertaking of this project, holding a gorgeous birch branch fresh fallen from a violent thunderstorm-the plan was to make the things as authentic as one could.

Many sources were sought and read. Nothing seemed do-able for me. My gut wanted to burn the runes using my wood burning tool. Many sources said that was not good, the runes must be carved/scratched into the wood. And I was insisting on using my Birch branch, not a fruit bearing tree branch. My gut versus the books, I couldn’t decide. I sat on the idea for two years.

Then came the due date of baby R. And I felt an internal push to do the runes now. I’ll have a large supply of blood to paint them with, do the thing NOW.

I went with my woodburning tool. When I know more about the runes, and make other sets down the road, I’ll concern myself with the ‘proper way’ to make them then. For now, these are a learning tool, and I went with what my gut said to do two years ago, despite what my eyes had read. And I feel oddly at peace.

Blooding them will come next.

gifts and the crow tree.


** I’m creating my path. I borrow from other paths if I find it sits right with my intuition. Aware that totems and spirit messenger animals are not a Norse thing, but, it works with incredible accuracy for me. Also, am allowed to keep crow feathers, no laws broken **

After connecting with Odin last year,and remembering the ravens and crows who would visit me as a child…I was very, very obsessed with obtaining corvid feathers. I wanted to acquire them naturally. And I looked. Hard. For many many months. I’d occaisionally find one, but it would be in such bad shape I’d pass on it. I would follow the local murder, knew the forest they preferred. We got onto some sort of friendly basis, I started cawing to them like I did as a child. Till they started engaging me back. I can only imagine how it looked to outsiders, but once I knew this relationship was there, it brought a level of deep rooted happiness I hadn’t known in a long while.

I was getting ready to order some crow feathers off of Etsy, I just was not finding them anywhere. But, mundane life kept interupting. No feathers bought.

Dec 25th, 2014 was spiritual life changing for me. I went about the morning in confusion, how to honor my pagan roots without the Christian influence. We were all gathering at my sister’s house that afternoon for the Christmas meal. Exiting my house, two crows came flying straight for me, almost like they were going to crash into the wall. At the last moment they flew upwards and gone. That woke me out of my funk.

At the dinner, overhearing some casual conversation between family members, and my brother in law mentions a crow wing. Again I wake up, and jump into the conversation. This very morning, bro discovered a freshly cut off crow wing, at the foot of his garden shed. I asked what he did with it, he had kicked it under the bush. I grabbed a bag and some gloves and ran out, hoping like hel the wing was still there.

And it was. Perfectly frozen in the snow. Complete wing, up to the shoulder. I collected it. I knew. Just knew it was meant for me. Thanked the Gods for this amazing gift.


I cannot find the photo I took of the wing. But instead, here’s a photo of my bounty of feathers left over, from all the crafts I’ve already done with them. The very best ones adorn the altars. They have a gorgeous blue tinge to the black.

Cleaning the wing and plucking the feathers was an experience in itself. I lit incense and made it something of a ritual. I thanked the crow for the wing and the opportunity. I cried and cried. The feelings. No words. In a series of dreams and divination, I learned what I was to do with the wing bone. I was to keep it frozen til the ground thawed. And bury it. But I was to bury it and plant an oak seedling over it. The seedling would recieve nutrients from the wing. It would be known as the crow tree. And to do this in the forest my murder prefers.

Photos of the remaining bounty of feathers, and the Crow Tree, planted.


still going…


It’s been awhile since I last blogged.

Things have been interesting.

Pregnancy both increases my psychic sensitivity, and decreases my ability to read for myself. I sought help from an outside source. I needed to know who, if any, Gods or Goddesses, might be willing to listen to me now. I have always had problems connecting to Goddesses. (I have deep rooted identity issues, but that’s another blog down the road). Since losing my mother 2 years ago to cancer, I crave older female wisdom/conversation. I was hoping the oracle might name a Goddess from any pantheon…

I was rather shocked at Who spoke up.

Firstly, Lady Freyja came through. Then Sly Fox Loki.

I follow the Norse pantheon primarily. The person who performed the service did not know this. So to have Freyja and Loki come through….words fail the emotions I felt.

Lady Freyja reminded me that I am good enough, and I need to relax a little. And love a whole lot more. Loki, reminded me that He has always been here, and was a mother too. I can call on Him for guidance and reassurance.

And so, I’ve been honoring Loki in His mothering aspect. I’m working on a birth altar, and brainstorming ideas for connection and focus on Loki for when it’s time to deliver ‘R’.

For Freyja, I’m mindful to love more. Hug more, offer affection when it’s the last thing I feel like doing. Because the amazing part is, hugs and cuddles really do cheer me up. I have a lot of childhood issues regarding almost everything, affection being a major issue. It’s a work in progress, but I’m seeing the benefits already.