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kitten is here


November 10th, 2015. Rowan, aka Baby R, made her appearance into our lives. 7 pounds 10 ounces of fury rolled into a tiny human. Thank the Gods for blessing us.

Her nickname is kitten. She’s a happy, quiet newborn, makes tiny little sounds much like a kitten. Until something sets her off, and she roars not unlike He-Man’s Battlecat.

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the wheel turns



The leaves have all but gone,
the mighty river slows down.
Mother Earth inhales a deep sigh of contentment.
“It is time to sleep”, the crow caws.
The wheel continues to turn.

Took that photo during one of my walks home from my son’s school. Everything has an ominous tone to it lately. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe my hormones, as my personal wheel is turning quite fast.

At best, I have four more days till the birth of the new one. Every day, the physical things I can do, become less and less. The back pain and contractions become more intense. I’ve been here before. I know this routine. What’s changed is my awareness. The dance the pregnant mother does between life and death, during those moments when time stands still.

The Goddess watches and waits. I’ve been headblind with so much lately. I know She is there. She will dance with me when the time comes. There is comfort in that.

Sleipnir necklace!!!


For the upcoming birth of ‘R’, I have been seeking out items to keep in my crane bag. I had been stumped for what I could use to represent Loki in His mothering aspect…until I saw Beth Wodandis Designs ‘Sleipnir necklace’.

I HAD TO HAVE IT. I really lucked out. Most of the time when I see something Beth has made, it’s sold by then. Maybe it was a nudge from Loki, something made me check out her etsy page randomly that day, to see the necklace added to her works, AND it was still avaliable!. I contacted her immediately and am now the proud owner of this gorgeous peice of art.


My cell phone camera does NOT do this justice at all. The copper, the beads, the beautiful weight of it. And powerful too. And calming. I want to wear it all the time, but, I have to restrain myself. It has a specific purpose right now, so I will hold off until baby ‘R’ is here.

Maybe I should go get another necklace from Beth to wear every day…

Go check out her shop , she is wonderful to work with. I’ve sought out her seidhr practise for clarity, her woodwick candles are a ‘must’ for my Loki altars.

She also runs an informative blog, with updates on her creations, and life with Odin. Wytch of the North

Thank you Beth for all that you do!



Let’s talk a little about discernment.

  1. the ability to judge well

This past week has been an eye opener. It started off by realising I had left an offering of coffee on Loki’s altar for a few days. Then the flood. And other little things falling apart adding to the stress of it all.

A concerned friend commented on all this, suggesting that the flood and what not was as a result from the spoiled coffee left on the altar.

Ummm. NO. Not at all.

Loki wasn’t happy, no deity would be. But, before one assumes ‘this is punishment from Them’…take a good hard look at the circumstances surrounding the bad luck and see if a more plausible answer appears.

I’m going on 6 months pregnant. I chase a 4 year old. I have many health issues that are unmedicated right now, due to being pregnant. Exhausted doesn’t cut it for how I’ve been feeling as of lately. I love cooler weather, the dog days of summer sap my energy. I had a bout of heatstroke, followed by days of not sleeping with sciatic pain, back pain, and restless leg syndrome. I have no help during the day. Annnd I’m still coping with the death of my mother.

So. All these things and more combined…it is NO wonder I left the tap on slightly and flooded our basement. If my arthritis hadn’t flared up when it did, I would have discovered the flood sooner. But, had to wait 2 days until it was safe to walk down the stairs to the basement, and that is how I discovered the flood.

The Gods and Goddesses are very much a part of our lives. Sometimes They have a direct hand in matters, but a lot of the time it really is just circumstance. More people can benefit from taking a look at all the signs they see, with a more discerning eye. I’m not discrediting anyone. What I AM doing, is putting a stop to potential fear mongering (because if you’re an anxious person, and you get an idea you’ve insulted the gods in a way, you WILL create a situation that was never there before). Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. They make or break our reality.

I apologised to Him and set things right in that regard. And knowing just how tired I am, I’m going to slow down with my projects, and double check the things that I do. To prevent future mishaps and embarrassments.

still going…


It’s been awhile since I last blogged.

Things have been interesting.

Pregnancy both increases my psychic sensitivity, and decreases my ability to read for myself. I sought help from an outside source. I needed to know who, if any, Gods or Goddesses, might be willing to listen to me now. I have always had problems connecting to Goddesses. (I have deep rooted identity issues, but that’s another blog down the road). Since losing my mother 2 years ago to cancer, I crave older female wisdom/conversation. I was hoping the oracle might name a Goddess from any pantheon…

I was rather shocked at Who spoke up.

Firstly, Lady Freyja came through. Then Sly Fox Loki.

I follow the Norse pantheon primarily. The person who performed the service did not know this. So to have Freyja and Loki come through….words fail the emotions I felt.

Lady Freyja reminded me that I am good enough, and I need to relax a little. And love a whole lot more. Loki, reminded me that He has always been here, and was a mother too. I can call on Him for guidance and reassurance.

And so, I’ve been honoring Loki in His mothering aspect. I’m working on a birth altar, and brainstorming ideas for connection and focus on Loki for when it’s time to deliver ‘R’.

For Freyja, I’m mindful to love more. Hug more, offer affection when it’s the last thing I feel like doing. Because the amazing part is, hugs and cuddles really do cheer me up. I have a lot of childhood issues regarding almost everything, affection being a major issue. It’s a work in progress, but I’m seeing the benefits already.

An interesting deviation of sorts…


I started this blog with the hopes of reaching anyone that feels the way I did/do. I walk an eclectic path. It is lonely. I am comfortable in that lonliness now. I was not, when I started.

Setting up my Ostara altar, and intuition said something is off. First I thought it was the altar itself. Stones, offerings, candles, everything was “right”. I took to the tarot to get an idea of what was going on.


Total surprise. Hubby and I had given up by now. We are blessed with one on this plane, and many angels. After our loss last August, I revisited my spiritual path with a vengeance. I was determined to find peace in what I have.

And I was close. I was content with our family of 3. Started planning our summer full of busy busy busy. Rock concerts, hiking, patio drinking good times.


March 21st was the positive hpt. March 21st was also Ostara. How fitting.

And so there is a slight deviation to the plan. This will still be a path walking spiritual blog.

Because my faith has never been tested quite like it is now. “Trust the journey”. I have hopes. I always do. But this time I will enjoy this pregnancy for however long it lasts. And seek the blessings when the road gets tough.

(And this proves the old adage that “when you stop trying, babies happen.”)