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personal birch set of runes


These have been years in the making. At the initial undertaking of this project, holding a gorgeous birch branch fresh fallen from a violent thunderstorm-the plan was to make the things as authentic as one could.

Many sources were sought and read. Nothing seemed do-able for me. My gut wanted to burn the runes using my wood burning tool. Many sources said that was not good, the runes must be carved/scratched into the wood. And I was insisting on using my Birch branch, not a fruit bearing tree branch. My gut versus the books, I couldn’t decide. I sat on the idea for two years.

Then came the due date of baby R. And I felt an internal push to do the runes now. I’ll have a large supply of blood to paint them with, do the thing NOW.

I went with my woodburning tool. When I know more about the runes, and make other sets down the road, I’ll concern myself with the ‘proper way’ to make them then. For now, these are a learning tool, and I went with what my gut said to do two years ago, despite what my eyes had read. And I feel oddly at peace.

Blooding them will come next.

Belly Blessing


Belly Blessing (photo of the henna design I did on my stomach, part of a sacred pregnancy journal prompt. I realise not many would want to see a belly on their blog roll, so you get the option to Click to see/read) Read the rest of this entry

Loki’s altar


This is more or less the current phase of His altar. I am doing more work outside that I dedicate to Him, so I felt less is needed indoors. For now…


Loki and fox imagery resonate heavily with my UPG. Artwork by the amazing Hellanim. View more on Deviantart.

I’m a fairly crafty individual. I made this fox clay thingy (Thingys for when I don’t know how else to describe it) as a representation of Loki and I. More about my version of Loki in another post. But basically He is a form of strength and foundation for me. UPG wise I associate Kenaz with Loki. And I’ve been told Thurisaz is more or less my personal rune. (Algiz when not Thurisaz).