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the wheel turns



The leaves have all but gone,
the mighty river slows down.
Mother Earth inhales a deep sigh of contentment.
“It is time to sleep”, the crow caws.
The wheel continues to turn.

Took that photo during one of my walks home from my son’s school. Everything has an ominous tone to it lately. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe my hormones, as my personal wheel is turning quite fast.

At best, I have four more days till the birth of the new one. Every day, the physical things I can do, become less and less. The back pain and contractions become more intense. I’ve been here before. I know this routine. What’s changed is my awareness. The dance the pregnant mother does between life and death, during those moments when time stands still.

The Goddess watches and waits. I’ve been headblind with so much lately. I know She is there. She will dance with me when the time comes. There is comfort in that.



One of the most exciting feelings I can get, IS THE NEED TO MAKE THE THINGS. RIGHT NOW.

I’m a natural procrastinator. Especially with art. It can be months, or a year, before an idea comes to fruition.

Unless the Unseen are involved. I have experienced Loki when He has decided I must do the things, and Now. I can shrug off the push for a few days. I can tell myself lies. But soon enough, there is nothing else but to do it, and Now.

I was on the recieving end of such a ‘push’ today, by The Morrigan. All at once this flurry of ideas came flying through. Do this. Not that. Cleanse the things before the work! MAKE.

And into a trance I went.

And when I ‘woke’ up two hours later…I had crafted a crow skull out of clay, and fixed the remaining crow feathers I had left, to it’s skull. And my house smells of sage, and I now have a bounty of black salt for next week.


Exhausted doesn’t explain how I feel. Elated though, as it’s the first thing I’ve made for Her, and is fitting. When the clay dries, I will paint it.

But for now, I need a nap.

The Morrigan


…I sought divination in regards to some family issues going on.

Was not prepared for what came.

For many moons I’ve been reading Celtic based fiction. Every book ended up featuring an aspect of the triple Goddess, The Morrigan. Then I started reading random fiction, where the cover of the book appealed to me. There was always a character with a name like Morgan, Morgana, Morgaine. Or Macha, the red mane.

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Then came the dreams, the unexplained visitors. The things I was randomly thinking about, endlessly. Then comments from strangers. So on and so forth. I paid nothing any mind, other than coincedental.

The reading came, and it basically said ‘You will know peace once you let the Morrigan into your life.’

Suddenly allllllll the signs and thoughts and memories and everything flooded in at once and I felt bad. She understands I’ve been preoccupied and focusing on the wrong things. I will work with Her once the baby is here, and things have settled some. She’s asked that I’m of clear mind to let Her in.


She’s asking me to transform. To finish what started a few years ago, as I’ve been in this caterpillar/cocoon stage since. I am excited, and scared. But I feel safe. My mind is quiet somewhat now. I see where my path is heading next. Life is quite the journey, indeed.

Loki is helping me accept my ‘scapegoat’ role I am playing. Yesterday was a day of ugly truths, harsh reality, and the realization that while I play the scapegoat, my father and my sisters are able to function together as a family for the first time in 3 years. It hurts, and I’m creating boundaries to keep myself ok. But I’m also seeing why I have to accept this role. And with The Morrigan and Loki’s help, I don’t feel the victim. I see it for what it is, and I’m stronger for it.