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the wheel turns



The leaves have all but gone,
the mighty river slows down.
Mother Earth inhales a deep sigh of contentment.
“It is time to sleep”, the crow caws.
The wheel continues to turn.

Took that photo during one of my walks home from my son’s school. Everything has an ominous tone to it lately. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe my hormones, as my personal wheel is turning quite fast.

At best, I have four more days till the birth of the new one. Every day, the physical things I can do, become less and less. The back pain and contractions become more intense. I’ve been here before. I know this routine. What’s changed is my awareness. The dance the pregnant mother does between life and death, during those moments when time stands still.

The Goddess watches and waits. I’ve been headblind with so much lately. I know She is there. She will dance with me when the time comes. There is comfort in that.

corn dolly and thistledown


For my small Lammas altar, I made a small corn dolly. I remember making these as a child. Next year I’ll start showing the littles on how to make them.


Not much progress on the hex sign yet, but it’s in the plans! And more photo spam of the finished corn dolly. I like simplicity. I admire the fancier corn dollies with the hair and paint, plain is best for me.


Crafting aside…

…I don’t know why the fae scare me or cause me to bring my guard up. I’ve never been one to be enchanted by the idea of faeries. Maybe it’s a past life issue. I get weary when I read or hear about them, run fast from folklore spots like Fae circles and toadstools…

But yesterday, I was gazing over towards the edge of the forest. No real train of thought, just enjoying the sunshine and nature’s beauty. Admiring a thistlebush, it’s bright purple and green hues. Suddenly, one of the thistle seed pods burst. It was honestly breathtaking to see. Hundreds of tiny thistledown seeds flew out and caught the breeze, and floated off in their merry way. And I thought to myself ‘if I ever needed a visual to what I would think faeries would be like in nature, the thistledown is it’. The careless way the white fluff dances off in the wind, sometimes 2 or 3 bunch together, others flying lower and catching in the grass…


Quite an odd thought for someone who is weary of them. I was not weary in that moment. I was in awe. Still am. Magick is everywhere in nature. If you sit still for awhile and just observe…you will be amazed.



The first harvest. In my area, it is celebrated August 2nd. I am getting excited. I appreciate every turn of the wheel, for what it brings.


The tomatoes are not quite ready yet, but the snap peas and beans are perfect.


Looking forward to pickling the beans. First attempt this year, hoping it turns out!

Some of the peas were overdone, but, provided a great lesson for my little one in the essence of timing with crops. Kids learn much more valuable lessons outdoors and working with the earth, than indoors in a classroom.